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Utila, Honduras

Utila, Honduras

L. 3966600

If you're an astute investor, climb on-board with other like-minded individuals to Utila's growing market as a vacation & retirement destination. And what comes with a market like that? The need for businesses and services to cater to the new clientele.

Utila is well-known as an affordable scuba diving and snorkeling mecca with a history of popularity with back-packers. Since 2003, when the island received 24 hour power (from 18 hours a day), Utila slowly began a metamorphosis into an idyllic retirement destination as well.

With all the travel shows revealing Utila as the go-to place to retire, Utila's retirement community really began growing from 2014.

This property is uniquely situated at the main cross-road at Utila's Town Center, right next to Utila's only bank.